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Building a passion for the physical and natural world

Science is key for ensuring our pupils understand the world around them and recognise their place within it.

We have a creative approach to Science that introduces our pupils to fun, engaging and accessible learning experiences. Sessions are designed to create inquisitive, enthused pupils with sound scientific knowledge, skills, reasoning and understanding of the universe and an appreciation of ecological values.

Delivery is innovative, and content is taught in a logical progression, clearly and explicitly enough for all pupils to confidently acquire the specified knowledge and skills at each stage. Teachers build on key concepts year on year, support and challenge all pupils to achieve highly.


Pupil led approach

Our Science lessons are approached, wherever possible, through practical sessions and investigations. Built on the national curriculum Science programme of study, our curriculum is planned and taught through sequential objectives, which build on prior knowledge and application of skills, and secures a growing body of knowledge for our pupils. We also ensure that our children have a sound understanding of Eco-Science themes, and explore pollution and alternative energy sources as part of the curriculum.

At the start of each unit, vocabulary is discussed and recorded. This acquisition of vocabulary encourages pupils to describe scientific processes and characteristics confidently, using technical terms with accuracy and precision.

As they progress through the units in sequence, children take part in knowledge-based sessions, which embrace various media and processes and ensures that the children have a strong substantive knowledge of the area of study.

Scientific investigation is a vital part of our curriculum, and provides pupils with sound procedural knowledge. Children use investigation to research and test a hypothesis and record their processes and results.

Teachers use ongoing assessment to check pupils’ individual understanding and rectify any misunderstandings or encourage and promote a deeper understanding. This pupil led approach nurtures creativity and supports high achievement.

We take part in Science week, and have a range of visitors in school across the year to add to our childrens’ scientific experiences.


Building a better tomorrow

The range of opportunities and experiences in Science at Preston Hedges School – our visitors, pupil led investigations, celebration days, and science week – ensure our children enjoy and are excited by Science.

Our bespoke Eco- Science curriculum creates awareness of ecological issues, a strong sense of environmental responsibility, and pupils leave the school with an environmentally sound ethos embedded into their character.



Welcome to our outstanding primary school. Founded on the principles of Fun, Creativity and Achievement, ours is a very special school where children are encouraged to thrive socially and academically.


Year on year


Alongside academic achievement, this gives every child at Preston Hedges School the opportunity to fulfil their own unique potential. The result? Children at our school consistently outperform their peers – both regionally and nationally – and many go on to win places at the country’s most prestigious secondary settings.


Happy, Confident Learners

Inspired by the philosophy of Fun, Creativity and Achievement.

Curriculum content is rigorously planned to ensure all children engage in lessons and consolidate their learning with clear intentions.

Throughout the school, each year group’s learning is documented and displayed through celebratory Floor Books where QR codes and final pieces of work demonstrate each topic’s implementation, progressive journey and learning impact.


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