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We want parents, carers and members of the local community to be at the heart of our school and the wider Preston Hedges Trust.

The aim of the Families in Partnership model is to do just that. It aims to improve and build on the way the Trust communicates and engages with our school communities.


  • Each school in the Trust has its own ‘Families in Partnership group’ made up of the Trustees, the school Principal, elected parents, nominated parents and members of the local community.
  • The elected parent representatives will attend three meetings a year where they will receive updates on developments at the Trust and priorities of the school while having the opportunity to provide feedback and ask any questions.
  • We would also ask our elected parents to attend where possible key school events, such as Sports Days and Parents’ Evenings.
  • As well as elected parents, members will also include figures from the local community and invited parents who may have skills and experience which could benefit the school and wider Trust.
  • The meetings will be open for all parents to attend as and when they wish.
  • There will be three meetings a year with one taking place every big term.
  • Agendas for each meeting will be circulated one week in advance by the Trust Governance Professional.



  • All elected and nominated members will be able to access the Trust Governance Professional as required about any matter relating to the group.
  • An overview of each meeting will be on each school’s Families in Partnership web page and will be included in the Principal’s Newsletter.
  • All elected and nominated parents will have a pen portrait on the school Families in Partnership webpage.
  • Members will be expected to be a voice of our parents and community but not the voice of the parents or community.
  • Moreover, the group is not a place for parents or individuals to discuss their child or an individual child. The group will focus on the school as a whole.


Tracey Coles – Principal

Tracey has spent 15 years in education, holding a variety of roles from Year 6 teacher, Maths Lead, Assistant Principal with a responsibility for standards and Principal, prior to becoming an Executive Principal. She is currently studying for her NPQEL, and is a member of Challenge Partners Network where she is involved in Trust Peer Reviews and Quality Assurance of other academies and Trusts across the UK.

She is passionate about ensuring all pupils have access to exceptional learning and can attain to the best of their ability and uses her wide experience to ensure that the academies that she supports provide the opportunities and practice to enable the best offering for our Trust pupils.

Rita Baxi – Elected

Rita enjoys being involved in the Wootton community by helping out at local events organised by the Parish Council. Her children both attend Preston Hedges, and Rita already enjoys supporting the school with their events.

Rita has owned and operated her own Professional Services business from Wooton for the past 5 years and now employs a team of 5, working with dozens of businesses across the UK. Previously, Rita worked in the corporate world as Head of National Accounts for both Western Union and Camelot

Esther Ihekweazu

Esther has two children at Preston Hedges. A Systems Engineer and naturally passionate about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM), Ester looks forward to using her expertise and experience to support the school community.

Alex Ingram – Elected

Alex has two children at Preston Hedges and works in the public sector.  As a member of the PTA and a previous group leader in Girlguiding, Alex is passionate about helping children experience new things and develop self-confidence and belief in themselves.  Alex is keen to be able to continue her support of the school and the children in their care.

Declarations of interest 

PH Doi 22



Welcome to our outstanding primary school. Founded on the principles of Fun, Creativity and Achievement, ours is a very special school where children are encouraged to thrive socially and academically.




We have the very highest aims for all of our children and have in place an ambitious school curriculum that challenges our pupils, encouraging them to make connections in learning and enabling them, as they grow, to be critical and evaluative thinkers.



Our bespoke curriculum nurtures aspiration, imagination, moral guidance, fun and creativity.

Alongside academic achievement, this gives every child at Preston Hedges School the opportunity to fulfil their own unique potential. The result? Children at our school consistently outperform their peers – both regionally and nationally – and many go on to win places at the country’s most prestigious secondary settings.


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU

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