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Personal Development

Building Well Rounded Pupils


It is incredibly important that our children build on our strong school values to develop the life skills that will enable them to go on to make a difference in their community and the world around them

To achieve this, we have developed a programme that gives our children opportunities to progressively gain experiences and knowledge that supports them in becoming responsible, respectful and active citizens.

We start with our values – they are at the heart of our school and are chosen to build an understanding of self, and a compassion for others.

We build knowledge and understanding through our curriculum delivery: our RPHSE curriculum covers Relationship & Health Education (as per our consultation with parents), Wellbeing and Citizenship (including Modern British Values) through weekly lessons. This is supported by visits from the Life Education Bus, Our wider curriculum subjects have links to equality and diversity, and a focus on key role models that support our children’s understanding, empathy and compassion further.

We then embed and further develop this knowledge through mapped assemblies around a key area of focus, and our school pastoral support offer from our ELSA trained Pastoral Lead, Mrs Kendall.

To support our children to have experiences that put their strong values into action, all children from Reception to Y6 have a mapped enrichment offer. This offer enables the children to engage with their local and wider community, work with charities, build respectful relationships with others (including our termly Worldly Wise weeks, where our children learn about and celebrate protected characteristics), and further develop their cultural capital.

The school offers a very diverse range of extra-curricular clubs and school ambassador groups to add further opportunity for our children to build and develop their own personal character.

The very best

for each other

Our pupil ambassador groupsĀ  help celebrate and signpost the good work that our children are doing in school, whilst also playing a key role in ensuring our values stay at the heart of the school. We are very proud of our fantastic children who celebrate the inherent differences and similarities in us all and want the very best for each other.


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