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Q: How do I let the school know if my child is poorly and can’t come to school?
A: Please phone the school on 01604 655860 and leave a message or email the office before 9am

Q: How do I request time off for my child?
A: If your child/children need time off school, please complete this form: PHAT Absence Request Form

Q: What absences are allowed?
A: We follow government guidance on which absences are allowed from school. These are:

  • Sickness/illness
  • Emergency and planned medical appointments
  • Days for specific religious observance

There are also other permitted absences in exceptional circumstances which are at the discretion of the headteacher. These are:

  • Compassionate grounds
  • Family wedding / civil partnership taking place on a school day
  • Family crisis
  • Examinations off-site
  • Educational opportunity – sport and performance
  • Attendance at an event at the request of a public organisation
  • Visit to a new school
  • Family relocation visit

All these can be requested via the PHAT Absence Request Form

Q: Which absences are not allowed?
A: In line with national guidelines and regulations, the following absences are not authorised:

  • Family holidays regardless of length
  • Family trips
  • Leaving school early to travel to an event

Please be aware that any holiday in term time will be treated as unauthorised and could result in a fine from the local authority.


Q. How can I find out about clubs at the school?
A. All information about school clubs can be found here: PHPS Sports Club Schedule 23.24


Q. How can I find out what homework has been set for my child?
A. All homework is uploaded to Seesaw every Friday. Children have been provided with log-in details but if you need them again please contact the school office.

Hot Lunches

Q. Are free hot meals provided for years R, 1 and 2?
A. Yes.

Q. How do I order lunch for my child?
A. View menus and place lunch orders (by 9am latest) by logging on to Parent Pay. You can also order in advance.

Q. Who provides the hot lunch catering at the school?
A. We are delighted to work with ‘abm’ to provide our school meals. Here is the letter they wrote to all parents when they were appointed: Grow Welcome Letter – PH

Q. Is there an allergen policy and what do I do about special dietary requests?
A. Please see below all the relevant links to abm’s policies and practices:

abm Allergen Policy (Education) nut free
Special Diet Procedure V2
GROW On-line Special Diet Procedure V2


Q. How do I find out about school uniforms?
A. Please find the links below for KS1 pupils (Reception to Y2) and KS2 pupils (Y3-Y6)

R – 2 Uniform List Sept 23

Yr 3 – 6 Uniform List Sept 23

PE Uniform:

We recognise that branded PE uniform is an additional coasr, so pyou are welcome to buy non-branded PE kit. However, please could any non-branded items be in blue.

We also require that children remove any jewellery (including earrings) and watches prior to PE, and have long hair tied back and have appropriate footwear.

Thank you.



Our bespoke curriculum nurtures aspiration, imagination, moral guidance, fun and creativity.

Alongside academic achievement, this gives every child at Preston Hedges School the opportunity to fulfil their own unique potential.



for learning

We believe our unique curriculum is the vehicle for lifelong learning.  We don’t just give our children curriculum experiences, we light the fire of creativity. Our children will study topics and subjects ranging from Mandarin to Photography, Fashion to Design, Graffiti Art to Conservation and much, much more.



We pride ourselves on providing our children with the very best creative experiences.

We are proud to be an outstanding school, as it recognises the hard work and commitment of our wonderful children, our talented team and our supportive parents. Curriculum content is rigorously planned to ensure all children engage in lessons and consolidate their learning with clear intentions.


Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU

Registered Office: Wootton Hope Drive, Wootton Fields, Northampton, NN4 6BU. Registration No. 08282041. England & Wales.