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Building resilience and confidence

Our approach is underpinned by the Trust’s philosophy of ‘Fun, Creativity and Achievement’, and our aim is for every child to develop the physical, emotional and thinking skills needed for children to achieve personal success in PE, sport and life. The core PE curriculum is enhanced by opportunities to experience in addition sports such as archery, trampolining and indoor skydiving, and children receive specialist coaching in sports such as tennis, football, rugby, hockey, cricket and athletics.

This enrichment dovetails the highly effective extracurricular club provision and individual and team athletics competitions (Trust inter-school, local and regional).


Physical health

All year groups have an indoor and outdoor PE session each week following a curriculum that aligns with the national curriculum and enables children to learn and build physical development.

From the beginning of school, PE sessions ensure that the foundational understanding of key fundamental movements, balance, co-ordination and agility are secure, and that children have the building blocks to progress onto further learning and games.

Within key stage one, there is a focus on the development of fundamental movement skills (agility, balance and coordination), healthy competition (both individually and with others) and cooperative learning applied in a range of increasingly challenging situations.  Through clear, sequential objectives, lessons are planned to ensure progression and year on year attainment, with children in key stage two continuing to apply and further develop a widening range of skills, learning how to use them in different ways, and how to link them to make actions and sequences of movement.

We ensure that traditional games are a key part of our outdoor PE provision, and build and develop pupil undestanding in rules and techniques within this.

During all lessons children have the opportunity to communicate, collaborate and compete, as well as learning how to analyse and improve personal and peer performance in different physical activities and sports whilst learning how to evaluate and recognise their own successes.

Alongside our PE curriculum, the school invests time and energy in preparing our pupils for competitive sport. We take part in Trust and local competitions, and believe this offers our pupils the opportunity to build resilience, self discipline, and develop character.

We offer our pupils a range of opportunities for traditional and non-traditional sport. We have a wide extra-curricular offer of sporting clubs – including fencing and archery – and also invest in one off sessions for all of our pupils to take part in, such as curling, and climbing walls, in order to widen their experience of different sports.

Our pupils take part in swimming from Key Stage 2, and our local high school kindly offers the use of their pool for these sessions.


Positive relationships with physical activity for life

By providing a rich and varied PE curriculum, and a wealth of different sporting opportunities and experiences, plus extracurricular clubs, the team works hard to ensure children create positive relationships with physical activity for life, whilst developing their understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain a healthy, balanced and active lifestyle.



Welcome to our outstanding primary school. Founded on the principles of Fun, Creativity and Achievement, ours is a very special school where children are encouraged to thrive socially and academically.


Year on year


Alongside academic achievement, this gives every child at Preston Hedges School the opportunity to fulfil their own unique potential. The result? Children at our school consistently outperform their peers – both regionally and nationally – and many go on to win places at the country’s most prestigious secondary settings.


Happy, Confident Learners

Inspired by the philosophy of Fun, Creativity and Achievement.

Curriculum content is rigorously planned to ensure all children engage in lessons and consolidate their learning with clear intentions.

Throughout the school, each year group’s learning is documented and displayed through celebratory Floor Books where QR codes and final pieces of work demonstrate each topic’s implementation, progressive journey and learning impact.


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